About MayapurTV


MayapurTV's aim is to share the living experience of the amazing personalities, wonderful temples and incredible events of Srila Prabhupada's world-wide movement with devotees across the globe, and to enable those viewers to be a part of the history that ISKCON is making.

MayapurTV's focus is to use technologies such as internet and related broadcasts.

MayapurTV provides a live-streaming platform free to ISKCON temples, paid for by the viewing congregation and other well-wishing devotees.

Sri Mayapur Cable TV goals in West Bengal


MayapurTV began life as a congregational preaching resource.

In 2004, MayapurTV started out under the name of Iskconlife.tv, as a text chat program to serve the UK congregation. As the technology became available, webcam broadcasts of classes and book readings from devotees homes were introduced.

In 2008, MayapurTV installed cameras in the temle room of ISKCON London, and soon other temples began to use the MayapurTV broadcast service. Los Angeles (who had already pioneered this service), Bhaktivedanta Manor, Ujjain to name a few, soon followed.

In 2009, Sri Dham Mayapur had its first broadcast on the day of the Pancha Tattva's Maha-abhisek.

By 2018, over 150 ISKCON centres, sannyasis and leading devotees broadcast with MayapurTV. Over 20,000 registered viewers as well as numerous casual visitors have immediate access to live ISKCON activities worldwide. MayapurTV regularly facilitates the broadcast of events of international interest such as Rathayatras, Kirtan festivals including the famous Radhadesh Mellows and Mayapur Kirtan Mela, the annual Sri Mayapur Festival including the parikrama, London Janmasthami, etc.. On festival days like Gaura Purnima and Nrsimha Caturdasi there are upwards of 2,000 homes/temples viewing online and over 20,000 unique visits, making these truly worldwide ISKCON celebrations.

Also in 2014, MayapurTV initiated its first cable television broadcast serving over 25,000 West Bengal homes. By 2018, MayapurTV on Cable networks had reached over 3 million homes, with five additional chanels waiting to get connected.

Because of the great potential, plans are in place to start producing content locally specifically for Bengali Cable TV to improve the broadcast, and on Radhasthami, 2018, a purpose-built studio was officially opened.

Achievements in summary